Class Assignment Gets Alum’s Career Motor Running

A quick look at Corine Denny’s LinkedIn profile shows how important connections and opportunities at LVC led to four internships at Volvo, and, ultimately, a full-time job as a logistics development engineer.

Denny, a 2014 accounting graduate, shadowed an acquaintance at Volvo and networked with the finance team as part of a business communications class assignment. 

The company then created an internship in which Denny automated financial reports, assisted with inventory costing, and developed a cost of sales forecast for the upcoming year. After multiple roles in financial analytics, Denny completed her last internship in process and information technology.

“My main focus was supporting the supply chain and logistics,” she said. “As a result, it was a natural transition into my first full-time role as a value chain engineer and then into my current position. I would not have advanced this far without those earlier opportunities.”

As a logistics development engineer, Denny optimizes all the inbound freight from suppliers to Volvo locations in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

“Through my analytics, I determine shipping frequency, volume, and transport mode from our suppliers,” she said. “I am tasked with balancing inventory costs and transport costs to find the best results for the business. As a result, I work to save as much money as possible through efficient transportation. 

Denny’s interest in business and accounting began in seventh grade when she interviewed her aunt who was as an accountant for a school career project. 

“Asking my aunt questions, I knew accounting was the right career for me because it was challenging and analytical,” she said.

Along with the practical work experience and excellent preparation for her masters in information technology, Denny credits LVC’s Writing Center for building other essential skills.

“The strategic key differentiator that really makes you shine in your career is your ability to present and speak about your analytics to management and stakeholders,” said Denny. “LVC helped me develop this, and played a valuable part in my ability to advance in my career.”


- Darby Seymour, LVC Marketing & Communications Student Assistant