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Children Are the Future

Lebanon Valley College student Daymond Zweizig volunteers at a local elementary school

Seeing a terminally-ill child often leaves us feeling helpless, but for one LVC student, he refuses to remain on the sidelines. In fact, he believes he can make a difference. Meet Daymond Zweizig ’21.

Zweizig is a psychology and business administration double major, student-athlete, and Student Government member. However, his most impactful involvement is with a service organization. Since 2018 he has been the public relations officer for Team FTK (For The Kids). 

Team FTK is a fundraising community in partnership with Four Diamonds, a non-profit organization that pays all expenses that pediatric cancer patient’s insurance will not cover. 

Zweizig’s involvement began during his sophomore year when he was helping out at an FTK event.

“I was coming into who I wanted to be as a person and finding what values meant the most to me,” he said. “It’s never been about me. It’s about who I can help.”

Zweizig credits his parents for instilling a sense of benevolence in him. Of all the elements that contributed to his decision to join FTK, he stated that he wanted to do more after speaking to a pediatric cancer patient’s family. He remembers the families who were chosen each year to receive help from the organization. 

Zweizig excitedly described the types of activities he has been involved with while with FTK and how those activities supported the organization’s cause. As the public relations officer, he played an important role in rallying participation at these events.

“I loved telling people to come and seeing them do good and contribute,” he said. “The impact of it is clear to me looking back.” 

Zweizig wishes he could have solicited greater involvement among students since ultimately, the more participants, the more money going to those in need. He has stepped away from his FTK officer role now that he is serving as vice president of his class but still encourages others to get involved in community service at LVC. 

“Whatever you choose, the growth you’ll experience and the impact you’ll see will change you."


-- D.W. Noland ’21 for ENG 430 Feature Writing