Caring Professors, Internships Highlight Life as an Analytical Finance Major

Brianna Mumma and Maggie Root are majoring in analytical finance at Lebanon Valley College

Two students share their stories.


Meet Maggie

Maggie Root ’21, who arrived at LVC as a transfer student, applied to the Analytical Finance Program because of the intrigue of financial markets and a proclivity for math. She made her first campus visit during LVC Live, the College’s Accepted Student Day. 

“I happened to bump into Dr. [Patrick] Brewer, who heard that I had applied to the Math Department,” said Root. “I have never met a more passionate professor. He was so inspiring, explaining the thought processes the department went through to design the program meticulously. I knew immediately how unique this program was and decided that day that LVC was where I needed to be for the remainder of my college career.”

Root cites Foundations of Mathematics with Dr. Sean Droms, associate professor of mathematics, as one of her favorite classes.

“The courses in the Math Department train you to look at things more analytically and with greater depth than you’d ever think possible. These professors will support you with whatever advice or motivation you may need. From your first semester adjusting to being away from home, to the junior year anxiety that you can make it through to the end, to the pressure of finding a job senior year,” said Root.

Along with her classroom experiences, Root interned with the accounting department at Sauder Eggs for two summers. She reconciled production reports and managed KPI’s for five production facilities, ran weekly packaging cycle counts and investigated large discrepancies, and posted and processed receipts and invoices for packaging vendors, amongst other tasks.

“My analytical skills helped me to assess these reports, along with my Excel knowledge,” said Root. “This internship taught me a lot about being a young professional and how a business operates from more than just the accounting standpoint.”

Root graduates in May and has already accepted a full-time position as a wealth analyst with RKL Wealth Management. She first connected with the company during the Math Sciences Department’s annual career fair about an internship for summer 2020, which was subsequently canceled due to the pandemic. 


Meet Brianna

Brianna Mumma ’21 excelled at math and science in high school and thought it meant she should pursue a healthcare career. She heard from others that she would make a good nurse, and she checked into becoming a physician assistant. A career in math or finance was never one she considered.

“Looking back on my mindset, I believe gender stereotypes influenced where I thought I belonged in the workforce,” said Mumma.

Mumma, who chose LVC in part to continue her soccer career, enrolled at LVC as a biology major. However, before classes even began, she knew she needed a change and drove to campus to talk with her advisor, who pointed her to the Math Department.

“I had a great conversation with Dr. Brewer that made me so excited about the professors I would work with,” said Mumma. “Every professor in the department cares deeply about their students. Of course, they care about helping us understand the material, but they also want to know how we spent our summers and what activities we enjoy.

“There are always groups of students in the math suite [William H. Lodge Mathematical Sciences Center] collaborating and solving challenging problems together, and the professors always have their doors open to help whenever it’s needed. The culture of this department is team-oriented.” 

Mumma looks forward to her summer internship since having one cancelled last year due to the pandemic. She will be an accounting analyst intern at Clark Associates. She will use corporate finance and accounting class techniques to analyze the sales, production, and other company numbers. 

Mumma graduates in December and plans to explore all her finance career options. “I’m inspired to work in finance because of the stress money causes people,” she said. “I hope I can be in a position that guides people with their finances to help ease their worry about money so they can get on with more important things in life. I stress about money, and I think it’s important to manage money well to live life with financial freedom.”