Beyond the Classroom: PT Student Completes Clinical in Colorado

Lebanon Valley College student Patrick Younes ā€™18, Dā€™20 completed his physical therapy clinical placement in Peyton, Colo.

Patrick Younes ’18, D’20 wants to travel after graduating from Lebanon Valley College’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program next May. So, when it came time for him to find a location for his physical therapy clinical placement, he jumped on the opportunity to start his journey early, finding his way to Peyton, Colo., and a Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center. 

At Fyzical, Younes performed initial evaluations and conducted various treatments on patients under his clinical instructor. Through his seven-week experience, he absorbed more of his instructor’s caseload, eventually working with 100-percent of the patients that she would typically see.

“I would not have been successful without having strong foundational examination skills,” he said. “I feel confident that I can figure out what’s wrong with a patient that walks through the door because I have been extremely well prepared to do so. Additionally, taking this a step further, I have a strong knowledge of interventions to treat patients. I feel confident determining what exercise/intervention that my patients need to get better.”

However, he also experienced aspects of the physical therapy profession that can’t be replicated in the classroom. 

“Classes are great for teaching me what to do and how to do it, but getting hands-on experience cannot be replaced,” he said. “Working in the clinic taught me how to speak with patients who are in constant pain and how to help them to the best of my ability. I learned how to work with patients who need additional therapy, but due to insurance, they are limited in the amount of time they have. Overall, the clinic gave me a greater appreciation for this profession.”

Though he learned so much through treating these patients, Younes made a point to mention the impression of meeting these people made on him. 

“I think the best part of working in Colorado was getting to know people from different walks of life,” he said. “It's eye-opening to see how different their lives are from mine. Learning from those who are different than ourselves is an invaluable experience.”

Even with such a heavy workload, Younes enjoyed every moment in Colorado. He traveled around the breath-taking landscapes of the state and spent his days off hiking at various locations, including Colorado Springs, Denver, and Rocky Mountain National Park.

For Younes, Colorado was the perfect fit for gaining practical work experience in a physical therapy clinic and getting a chance to travel and see unfamiliar places. He encourages others to follow in his steps.

“If anyone has the chance to travel while in school, do it,” he said. “This is an incredibly unique experience that everyone should take advantage of if possible.”


- Darby Seymour, LVC Marketing & Communications Student Assistant