Best of Both Worlds: Amber Stamm Talks Commuter Life

Amber Stamm is an active commuter at Lebanon Valley College

Amber Stamm ’21 always knew she was going to commute to college. With a tight-knit family at home, moving away was not a thought in her mind as she looked toward higher education. Even just a quick peek at the benefits she describes in her decision to commute shows why commuting was such a great option for Stamm:

  • Home-cooked meals each night
  • Continuing her job as a competitive gymnastics coach
  • Keeping up with close friends from home
  • Weekends with her family at their cabin

Being a commuter has not stopped Stamm from having a fulfilling college experience, as she has thrown herself fully into the LVC community. She is currently the executive board treasurer and commuter representative for Student Government, a first-year mentor, and a member of two student clubs for education majors. Through her involvement in these groups, Stamm serves as a role model to new commuting students. 

“I work with our Student Government advisor to plan events for commuters to stay involved on campus. I plan events I think others would like. I am also the voice of the commuters if there is an issue,” said Stamm.

As a first-year mentor, Stamm meets incoming students during orientation weekend and helps with their adjustment to college. She also assists with the commuter social and information session. Stamm offers new commuters this advice: “Make friends who are residents. Stay on campus for events. Study on campus and find a quiet spot you can go to between classes.”

Along with her extracurricular activities, Stamm is a double major studying early childhood education and special education. She has wanted to be a teacher for as long as she can remember.

“Coaching gymnastics and my 5th-grade teacher both influenced my desire to be a teacher,” said Stamm. “You always can remember that teacher who would do anything for you and just wanted to know you and be your friend. That was him. My class was so close, and he made the biggest impact on my life.”

The pandemic has impacted her final year of student teaching experience, shortening the number of overall weeks leading to a faster pace for her to absorb as much as she can. Some LVC education majors are also teaching virtually.

At the end of the day, she knows her overall LVC education and the faculty made LVC the right choice for her.

“Starting your first year, you gain so much experience in the classroom. The close-knit nature of the Education Department is amazing,” she said. “From the professors to the friends I have made, I would never regret it.”  


-- Darby Seymour, Marketing & Communications Student Assistant