Angie Magazino Uses Leadership Skills to Mentor Young Students

LVC alum Angie Magazino preforms an activity with young girls

High-impact experiences in leadership and community service at Lebanon Valley College gave Angie Magazino ’07 the opportunity to travel, get involved, and influence young minds. 

Magazino graduated from LVC as an English major with a focus on secondary education and a music minor. After graduating, she went on to get a master of art degree in student affairs administration from Michigan State University. 

Now, she is balancing working a full-time job along with working on a start-up company. 

The start-up, Girls With Ideas, is a program that provides a leadership curriculum to educators and offers products to parents that help girls become confident leaders. The movement strives to close the leadership gap that is created by gender. Girls are taught to become creative, confident leaders by using the leadership, creative, and entrepreneurial skills they learn through the program. As the chief curriculum officer, Magazino creates the curriculum and products that the organization produces.

“Research proves that women who report having leadership experiences earlier in life are more inclined to become leaders in life and work later on,” said Magazino. “Our program equips girls with ideas to become women with vision.” 

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, more than 1,000 girls in 15 states and four countries will get to be a part of the program this year. 

Magazino developed her strong passion for leadership at The Valley. She got involved with Student Government, serving as secretary and president her junior and senior years, respectively. She was also the Resident Assistant for North College, the community service house, totaling more than 200 hours of volunteer service. 

“The Valley showed me that leadership and service wasn’t just about checking off boxes…it was about becoming someone who was responsible for their community,” said Magazino. “I have done my best to honor that during my many pursuits since LVC.”

Thanks to strong female mentors on campus, Magazino was empowered to lead others and make a change. During her junior year, she co-founded the “F-word,” which eventually led to the creation of the Women’s Services & Gender Resource Center.

“There is not a single thing that I could be more proud of than being part of the history of a safe space for women on campus, knowing that many women during and after my tenure worked together to make it a reality,” said Magazino. “Girls With Ideas is just like that…but on a global scale.” 

After teaching high school English and journalism for several years, her heart and passion for leadership led her to her new career path. While it may not always be a clear path, she knows she will make it through, thanks to her experience at The Valley. 

“I haven’t always known where I am going or what will come next, but I know that I will be able to take it on because of what I learned, both academically and personally, at LVC,” said Magazino. “The Valley made me resilient, capable, and strong. My heart pangs when I hear ‘full well we know the debt we owe to dear old LVC’—it’s given me far more than I could ever give back.”