Amanda Seale ’14 Works as Marketing and Advertising Specialist for Century Home Improvements

Digital Communications alum, Amanda Seale poses with members of the LVC community

After graduating in May 2014, Amanda Seale began her new job, working as a marketing and advertising specialist for Century Home Improvements in Elizabethtown, Pa.

Century Home Improvements is a licensed contractor that helps homeowners with projects, like installing awnings, decks, and patios. In her job, Seale creates print and web marketing campaigns, works on commercials for television and radio, and manages content on the website.

She is responsible for the company’s overall brand, which means that she has to tie in her knowledge not only of marketing, but also of design, communications, and user experience. On what she loves most about her job, Seale says, “I love that my boss allows me to be creative and if I come up with a new design or idea for things he goes along with it…While we are trying to develop our brand,  new ideas are always great to see what kind of feedback results from [them].”

She also credits the digiCOM program for her success in the workplace. “I feel like I would not be as prepared for my job if I didn’t major in digital communications. Every aspect of my job is a part of digiCOM.” Seale says that even though programming was not her concentration, she uses it on a weekly basis.

 “digiCOM helped me develop skills to work with people in groups…everyone brings something different to the table and while someone may slack off or have different viewpoints than you, they are probably better at something than you are…you need to push past differences to get the final outcome of the project.­”

Seale reflects on her senior capstone project, in which she and her group created Valley Sweets, a company that sold cupcakes on campus. The project raised around $400 for Palmyra Circles, a group that helps local low-income families. Her group managed every aspect of the business from start to finish, from designing the logo, business cards, and t-shirts to creating a social media presence. They even developed and programmed a website which made it possible to place orders online.

On advice for incoming students, Seale says: “Once you focus on your concentration within the major don’t forget about all other aspects that you learned early on. As much as you may not like some things that you will learn…they all tie together in the end and give you the advantage when it comes to finding a job. Employers are looking for someone that can handle anything that is given to them. I would also say to take as many internships as possible in a wide range of fields. This will help you to find out what you like and might even direct you to a different field altogether.”