Accounting/MBA Student Secures Job Offer Two Years Before Graduation

Olivia Ward, who is studying the accelerated accounting/MBA program, has received a job offer two years before graduation

Olivia Ward ’19, M’20 is still two years away from completing her master’s of business administration degree through LVC’s accelerated 3+1 accounting/MBA program

She already has a job offer waiting for her.

Ward interned with Simon Lever, an accounting firm in the Lancaster area, and completed bookkeeping, tax, and audit work last summer. She made such an impression that they offered her a full-time job for September 2020.

“My internship helped me make networking connections, and it let me see what the real world is like,” said Ward. “I was given an amazing mentor who from the firm who helped me as I worked on different assignments. I learned how to interact with other people professionally during my internship.”

Ward developed the strong accounting skills needed for her internship through LVC’s accelerated program. The 3+1 major gives students a bachelor’s degree in accounting after three years and an MBA after year four. She will sit for her Certified Public Accountant exam this summer.

“The course load is heavier than most other majors,” said Ward, who has taken eight summer classes over the past few years. “However, if you truly like what you are doing, you will enjoy your work. As I’m nearing the end, I am happy that I chose this program and will have a master’s degree in the time it usually takes to get a bachelor’s.” 

For prospective students considering the major, Ward advises them to go for it, but be prepared to work hard. “This program gives you a great education. There are always other students and professors willing to help you along the way. Complete at least one internship to gain work experience and learn what you like or don't like about the field.”