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A Real-Life Plot Twist

Alexandra Gonzalez is an English and creative writing major at Lebanon Valley College

Deciding on a future career was always a difficult predicament for Lexi Gonzalez ’23. From wanting to be a teacher, hairdresser, entrepreneur, and storyteller, she wanted to try it all. It wasn’t until she interned for The Ephrata Review that she rekindled her passion for writing and knew that a career in storytelling was just right. 

“The comical thing about my pursuit of professional storytelling is that even I didn’t see it coming,” said Gonzalez. “It was a real-life plot twist.”

Gonzalez, a double major in English and creative writing, first learned about The Ephrata Review in her junior year of high school when she enrolled in an honors internship course. Having so many different areas of interest, Gonzalez applied to several internship positions within the storytelling and publication field but was drawn to the newspaper after her high school principal introduced her to the company.  

“I gratefully accepted the position and quickly fell in love with writing all over again,” said Gonzalez. “I think very highly of the staff at The Ephrata Review, and I learned more about what it means to be a writer and journalist than I could have ever learned from a textbook.”

At her internship, Gonzalez started a weekly column, “Lex Talk About It,” covering a variety of topics from the healing process to embracing the unknown. Additionally, Gonzalez attended weekly meetings with the company to learn more about the operations of a newspaper and how the different departments and deadlines worked together. 

Due to her quality work, they extended Gonzalez’s internship for another semester, which allowed her to continue learning more about the writing and journalism field and strengthen her storytelling. 

After her internship, Gonzalez was eager to continue to higher education, but as a first-generation college student, she was uncertain about what may lay ahead of her. Fortunately, Gonzalez connected with a graduate from her high school who was already attending LVC and answered her questions about The Valley and college life. Additionally, upon enrolling in LVC, Gonzalez joined Dutchmen First—LVC’s program for first-generation college students. It connects them with a faculty or staff mentor and covers topics related to adjusting to college and succeeding at LVC. 

“Dutchmen First introduced me to other students and professors who found themselves in the same shoes,” said Gonzalez. “I felt more engaged in the college community, especially as a commuter, since being able to sit and talk with them all.

“I can already say with confidence that choosing LVC has been one of the best risks that I have ever taken. LVC has given me opportunities that I would not have found anywhere else,” she said.

With three bright years ahead of Gonzalez at LVC, she is thrilled to announce she will work as a peer, group, and writing tutor for Fall 2020. As for her studies and adventures, Gonzalez is working with a community member to edit a memoir. She also works as a digital producer for LebTown, an independent media organization.  


-- Parker Gallagher, Marketing & Communications Student Assistant