A Lifetime of Memories and Friendship

1967 Meeting of Knights of The Valley

Dear Classmates of 1967,

I encourage each of you to take a moment and reflect back 50 years to a special time that we spent together at Lebanon Valley College. It was indeed a time of youthful innocence and exploration, where we hopefully gained an education, grew up, and had fun. I am sure that each of us has our own special memories of that time and its impact on our lives and our future endeavors.

It is hard to believe that 50+ years have passed and we are now on the cusp of holding our 50th reunion. Where did the time go! It seems like yesterday that we were just starting out the fall of 1963 as wide-eyed freshman with our “blue dinks and ties with the white letters 67” and being harassed at every turn by those mean White Hats. We were the Class of 1967. 

I remember the tug across the Swatara Creek as freshmen, the beautiful fall foliage, and the excitement of football games. I remember pledging the Knights of the Valley and developing a sense of brotherhood with John “Doc” Dougherty, Bob “Mats” Matsko, Walt Smith, George “Newt” Fulk, Paul Alexy, Sam Willman, Larry Painter, and others. Those friendships forged 50 years ago have lasted through the years.  It was fun playing intramural sports, which as Knights we took very seriously, especially football where emotions ran high, especially against KALO!! I remember living in the Knights house for a year until the administration told us they were going to tear it down. We were a very social group, always having some party or fun-raising activity going on, such as the famous “Grease Pig Wrestling” contest out in front of the house, which was really something, especially picking up the pigs from the farmer. I believe there is a photo somewhere of Bobbi and the girls from North Hall taking on the pigs.

I do remember studying some but must admit that my heart wasn’t in my major—economics and business administration. The brothers were happy when I started to work evenings at Hog Dog Frank’s since I would bring them ice cream and other goodies. That was semester I made the Dean’s other list. Oh well!!
I also remember dating a number of wonderful young ladies while at the Valley, which was indeed fun and part of my social development. I know that some of you found your significant other while at the Valley, but that eluded me or I eluded it.
As we neared graduation the war in Vietnam was picking up steam and many of us received letters from Uncle Sam requesting that we become a part of the Army. My dad was in the Navy during WWII so I thought if it was good enough for my dad then I was going that route. Others in the class went other routes, but choosing the Navy  certainly changed my entire life and career path… I would probably have ended up being in banking in Philadelphia.
As I end this trip down memory lane I want to encourage each of you to reflect on what Lebanon Valley College has meant to you and seriously consider attending our 50th reunion events (Oct, 13–15, 2017) where we can swap tales (I have many more to share). I also ask that you consider helping us reach our goal of raising more than $1 million by the Class of 67 in honor of our 50th Reunion. That is really a big milestone! More information on reunion plans will be forthcoming.

With that I have to get dressed up for dinner. We are having my favorite—“Sand Dollars and Red Death”. 

Your classmate,

Bill Lamont '67