Professor Jeffrey S. Snyder

Professor Jeff Snyder is the Director of the Music Industry program, as well as the Internship Director for both the Music Business and Music Recording programs. 

He oversees LVC's VALE Music Group which consists of the college record label—VALE Records—yearly music industry conference - VALE MIC, VALE Publishing, and VALE Booking. 

He teaches undergraduate and graduate classes on entrepreneurship, MIDI, digital audio, and music industry, and has been asked to review books about the music industry. He worked in music industry retail for over 15 years, was a music columnist for a Fl. newspaper, and has been asked to give presentations at multiple conferences on subjects ranging from social media trends to circuit bending. 

As songwriter, keyboardist, and guitarist, Snyder has played with multiple bands, ranging from jazz, country, rock, and reggae. He’s played with notables such as Bruce Crump and Earl Lett and has been in multiple recording sessions, both as player and programmer. 

He also surfs and practices photography.