Courses in Music Business

MBS 179. Music Business Colloquium. A first-year through senior-level course for all music business majors. The class is a forum for speakers from the industry and returning summer MBS interns to discuss current events in the music industry. The class is the catalyst for the design and facilitation of the annual music industry conference (LVC-MIC) held each fall.  May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: music business major or permission. 1 credit.

MBS 203. Milestones in Music Recording. An in depth analysis of the seminal recordings of the music industry. Milestone records representing the art of recorded music will be studied from conception to marketing. Examples of such recordings include Sgt. Pepper, Dark Side of the Moon, OK Computer, Band on the Run, and more. The goal is to discover why and how the records studied have become the high art of the music industry.  Fulfills general education requirement: Liberal Studies Area 5 (Literature and Fine Art). 3 credits.

MBS 371. Introduction to the Music Business. This course examines how the music business operates, delving into a wide range of issues and areas, such as publishing, record labels, retail, distribution, market research, agents and managers, and current issues in the industry.  3 credits.

MBS 372. Music Copyright, Contracts and Cash. An in-depth examination of publishing and recording contracts, music copyright law, and music licensing.  Prerequisite: MBS 371 or permission of the instructor. 3 credits.

MBS 373. Music Industry Entrepreneurship. This course for music business majors explores entrepreneurship in the music industry. The class revolves around the creation of a practical music business and an accompanying detailed business plan that is submitted to a participating financial institution for review. Student teams also engage with actual music businesses to provide marketing, distribution, research, and other services. The class discusses techniques and practices of management, operations, marketing, and other skills needed to run a successful music business.  Prerequisites: MBS 371 and 372 (taken in the sophomore year), or permission of the instructor. 3 credits.

MBS 400. Internship. Internship in Music Business  May be repeated for credit (up to 12 credits of internship may be counted toward the degree). Fulfills general education requirement: Prerequisites: Completion of all program requirements and permission of the instructor. 3-12 credits.