Pallas Society

The Pallas Society is a campus-based honor society established at Lebanon Valley College on April 19, 2009. Invitations for the inaugural members of the Pallas Society were extended to students, institute faculty, and staff from the past two Social Justice Institutes, selected LVC alums that were instrumental in promoting social justice as well as students who participated in the Social Justice Collaborative held in 2006.

The National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME) has agreed to partner
with LVC as well as a host of other institutions and educational professionals across the country to establish the first ever national honor society on social justice in higher education. The Pallas Society, LVC’s campus based honor society, will serve as a pilot model for the national organization.

Inaugural Members:
Lisa M. Adamu
Mary E. Auker
Jamie C. Booker
Kristine L. Bova
Shelly M. Burkholder
Thomas D. Busteed
Alyse M. Canciello
Ashley N. Conzelmann
Devin C. Couser
Halid Dervisevic
Adriana S. Dockery
Andrea L. Dohrmann
Rebecca L. Gentzler
Alexander J. Gilchrist
Erica C. Henderson
Theodora H. Hermes
Kayla N. Houser
Anusha R. Iyer
Jaclyn E. Klinger
Alyssa M. Kreider
James F. Kroll
Thanh T. Le
Israel Lucena
Kaitlin M. Miller
Kenny Montijo
Matthew T. Mumber
Allison M. Ortiz
Garrett M. Palowitch
Michael D. Scott
Anh N. Tran

Honorary Members:
Debra J. Bishop
Sarah A. Carter
Brooke F. Donovan
Tchet Dorman
Arthur W. Elder III
James A. Felton
Rachel R. Hadrick
Dr. Kimetta Hairston
Brian Johnson
Gene R. Kelly
Durrell K. Martin
Adrienne McNeil
Rochelle Peterson
Lawrence J. Rasulis
Catherine Romagnolo
Jill T. Russell
Jason E. Scala
Dina Stonberg
Victoria Van Hise