MSE Degree Requirements

A candidate for the MSE degree must complete a minimum of 30 credits, of which 21 must be earned at Lebanon Valley College.  Only 6 credits may be transferred into the core. A candidate must achieve at least a 3.00 cumulative average to be certified for graduation.

Required Courses:

MSE 800
MSE 811
MSE 813 Literacy in the Science Classroom
MSE 829 Research Methods and Statistics

Two courses from:

MSE 801 Principles of Biology and Life Science
MSE 802 Principles of Chemistry
MSE 803 Principles of Physics and Physical Science
MSE 805 Principles of Earth and Space Science

3-credits from one of (MSE Capstone Experience Requirements):

MSE 830
MSE 832

Plus THREE additional elective courses. 

STEM Concentration

Students may opt to complete a STEM concentration by completing the following courses in place of the three electives:

MSE 880 Introduction to STEM Education
MSE 881 STEM Education Systemic Reform
MSE 882 STEM Integrative Curriculum Design