College Logo

The Lebanon Valley College wordmark and interlocking LVC logo are the fundamental visual representations of our brand. The Lebanon Valley College wordmark spells out our name in a distinctive manner and forms our primary mark. Always use the wordmark when communicating to external audiences. The interlocking LVC logo may be used with the wordmark or alone.

Logo Usage
There are two accepted versions of the LVC interlocking logo: one with the surrounding oval and one without. In both cases, the interlocking LVC should consist of solid letters and not outlined letters. The interlocking LVC logos should always be reproduced in blue (PMS 540) and white (blue letters and oval with a field of white, white letters and oval on a field of blue, or the interlocking LVC letters in blue on white or in white on blue). When color printing is not possible, these logos may be reproduced in black and white.

Correct Uses:

Electronic Downloads

  • Do not distort the size or shape of the LVC wordmark or interlocking logo. Do not use any color combinations other than those specified above. Do not attempt to recreate or deface either logo with other graphics. A visual representation of Incorrect Uses of the LVC logo is available for comparison.

The interlocking LVC logo with a surrounding oval may be used with the wordmark. In both configurations, the height of the oval should be the same height as the wordmark's upper case L.

Correct Uses:

Electronic Downloads

Minimum Size

The interlocking LVC logo shall not be reproduced smaller than .625 inches in width.

Areas of Isolation

This term refers to the space around a wordmark or logo that must be clear of type or imagery in order to give the wordmark or logo sufficient presence. For the wordmark, that space should equal the height of the lower case letters. For the interlocking LVC logo, it should equal one quarter of the width of the logo. The only exception is when the wordmark is used with a return address on an envelope and the address of the College appears directly below it.


Questions about the LVC logo? Please contact the Office of Marketing & Communications