2019 Fall Schedule

MME 802.91 Research Methods in Music Education (3 credits)

Online     October 21-December 8

A study in the organization, presentation, interpretation, and documentation of research that makes use of encyclopedias, indices, databases, and other aids.
This course meets a core requirement for MME.

MME 890.91 All in Our Heads: Special Needs in the Music Classroom (3 credits)

Online     October 21-December 8

Four risk factors for student achievement will be closely explored in this practical course. Each of the risk factors will be studied formally and informally, with a focus on real-life application and case study. While this is not a medical course, some of the diagnostic tools will be discussed. Projects will be focused on a case study, strategies for the classroom, strategies for the home, and accommodations and recommendations.  This course meets an elective requirement for MME.

MME 860.91 Modern Band Pedagogy (1 credit)

Online October 21 - December 8

This course will introduce students to the music as a second language pedagogy and provide an overview of Modern Band and the application of materials for teaching keyboard, guitar, drums and bass in the K-12 classroom.  This course meets supportive studies in music requirement for MME. Co-requisite: MME 861

MME 861.91 Music of Modern Band (1 credit)

Online October 21 - December 8

Students will enhance their knowledge of repertoire performance from various popular styles; and learning rhythmic, melodic and harmonic practices associated with each genre. This course meets supportive studies in music requirement for MME. Co-requisite: MME-860

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