Degree Requirements for American Studies Minor

Note: American Studies will no longer be offered as a minor for students entering Fall 2019 and beyond.

American studies at LVC is a deliberately interdisciplinary program that draws on faculty from various academic disciplines and departments. It is the primary site for courses examining women’s, ethnic, cultural, and media studies with a curriculum that probes issues of class, gender, ethnicity, and race. The program is known for creating many of the most innovative and experimental courses on campus. Through coursework, internships, and personal mentoring, students will have the opportunity to craft their own course of study and career path.

Combine this minor with any major and prepare for a career in archiving, consulting, government, historic preservation, journalism, law, museums, publishing, research, teaching, tourism, or a number of other professions. Many of our graduates also attend graduate school to earn master’s or doctorates in American Studies or related disciplines.