Elise Hanks-Witaszek studied in Shanghai, China

ELISE HANKS-WITASZEK '21 | Shanghai, China

Elise is an actuarial science and analytical finance double major. Studying abroad allowed her to learn a language that she would have never dreamed of learning, and gave her the opportunity to intern with an international finance company. She enjoyed seeing first-hand the inner workings of the company, and is grateful for the chance to have experienced a variety of different cultures.


Kyle Eaton studied abroad in Berlin, Germany

KYLE EATON '20 | Berlin, Germany

Kyle is a digital communications major and business minor who loved exploring new places and making friends while abroad. He sees his time in Berlin as the highlight of his college career, maybe even his life, and is grateful for the opportunity for both learning and exploring.

Ryan Eaton studied in Berlin, Germany

RYAN EATON '20 | Berlin, Germany

Ryan is a digital communications major with a concentration in design and a minor in business administration. The new places, people, and experiences were the highlight of his time abroad. Although challenging at times, he grew in his education and as a person.

ALLISON LIU '21 | Wurzburg, Germany

Allison is an Actuarial Science and Computer & Data Science major with a German minor. She enjoyed the challenges of being totally immersed in a foreign land, surrounded by strangers speaking a foreign language. Her experiences abroad tremendously enriched her understanding of the German culture and language, and her personal identity. She believes study abroad can remind us how much more there is t learn and love in the world in each of our busy lives.


Elizabeth Barto studied abroad in London, England

ELIZABETH BARTO '20 | London, England (Semester)

Elizabeth is a psychology major who spent a semester abroad in England, and is grateful for the exposure to different cultures that came with her time abroad. She feels that meeting new people with differing perspectives and experiences will be valuable to her career, and it has already influenced the way she sees the world.


Anne Baney studies abroad in Italy


Anne is a physical therapy major who found that study abroad taught her to navigate the unexpected while learning so much about the world. She loved looking at life from a different perspective while traveling, making life-long friends, and learning and living in the Italian culture. Her semester in Perugia taught her valuable things about herself and her ability to successfully adapt to the unfamiliar.

New Zealand

Sarena studied abroad in Hamilton, New Zealand

SARENA BHASIN '22 | Hamilton, New Zealand

Sarena is a physical therapy student who studied abroad in New Zealand. During her semester abroad, she enjoyed traveling and meeting new people. At LVC, she is the president of the Yoga Club, as well as a member of Students Helping Seniors, ValleyFest, LVC Outdoors club, and many more.

Colton Denlinger studied abroad in New Zealand

COLTON DENLINGER '20 | Hamilton, New Zealand

Colton, a business administration major, most enjoyed the beautiful landscapes and complete independence of studying abroad in New Zealand. His two-week trip around the South Island bungee jumping, canyoning, swimming with dolphins, and experiencing Milford Sound made the trip worth the twenty hours of flying it took to get there.

RACHEL ERDMAN '20 | Hamilton, New Zealand

Rachel is an Exercise Science major who studied abroad in Hamilton, New Zealand. She believes that the entire experience was the best endeavor she has ever undergone, and the people, scenery, and many excursions like zip-lining made it such. Studying abroad is important to Rachel because of the amazing opportunity to explore new cultures and yourself, all while receiving an education.

Abby Hamilton studied in New Zealand

ABBY HAMILTON '20 | Hamilton, New Zealand

As a physical therapy major, Abby thought that studying abroad during her time at LVC would be nearly impossible, but she will be forever glad that she worked to make it happen. From climbing volcanoes to skydiving, to jumping off cliffs and trying new foods, learning new words, and even meeting lifelong friends, exploring new countries while studying abroad has been the greatest experience of her life. She is eagerly looking forward to her next trip abroad, whenever that may be, and, in the meantime, hopes to encourage as many people to travel as she can!

PEARL WEBER '20 | Hamilton, New Zealand

Pearl is a Physical Therapy student, and after spending a semester in New Zealand she can say that studying abroad has impacted her life immensely. The places she visited, people she met, meat pies she ate, and self-discovery that was made created the perfect abroad experience for her. Traveling is one of Pearl's passions, and thanks to a LVC this was easily incorporated into her DPT education.


Jennifer Lopez studied abroad in Spain

JENNIFER LOPEZ '21 | Valladolid, Spain

Jennifer is a double major in Spanish and speech-language pathology. Her experiences as a first-generation college student and as the only speaker of English as a first language in her family, she was eager to practice and learn more about the Spanish language. Her time abroad allowed her to improve her speaking and writing, and her favorite memories include time spent with her host mom and traveling across Spain and Europe. She is grateful for her time abroad and hopes that everyone has the chance to study abroad.