Dr. Michelle Rasmussen
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Academic Areas of Expertise:

  • Analytical Chemistry

Courses Taught at LVC

CHM 305  Analytical Chemistry and lab
CHM 308  Instrumental Analysis and lab
General Chemistry lab
COE 273NS  The Evolution and Science of Global Energy Use 
Chemical Sensor and Biosensors (advanced chemistry elective)

Research Topics:

My research is focused on applications of biofuel cells, particularly in energy conversion or sensing devices.

Scholarly Work and Publications


VandeZande, G.R.; Olvany, J.M.; Rutherford, J.L.; Rasmussen, M. “Enzyme immobilization and mediation with osmium redox polymers.” Methods Mol. Biol. 2017, 1504, p. 165-179.

Rasmussen, M.; Abdellaoui, S.; Minteer, S.D. “Enzymatic biofuel cells: 30 years of critical advancements.” Biosens. Bioelectron. 2016, 76, 91-102.

Rasmussen, M.; Minteer, S.D. “Long-term arsenic monitoring with an Enterobacter cloacae microbial fuel cell.” Bioelectrochem. 2015, 106A, 207-212.

Rasmussen, M.; Minteer, S.D. “Comparative study of thylakoids from higher plants for solar energy conversion and herbicide detection.” Electrochim. Acta. 2014, 140, 304-308.

Rasmussen, M.; Ritzmann, R.E.; Lee, I.; Pollack, A.J.; Scherson, D. “An implantable biofuel cell for a live insect.” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2012, 134, 1458-1460.

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