Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

Here is the current version of the Draft of Climate Action Plan.

On April 22, 2016, President Lewis Thayne, on behalf of Lebanon Valley College, signed the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment. Under this commitment, the College will develop a Climate Action Plan to reduce its direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases to zero and to develop the administrative infrastructure and on-campus attitudes necessary to maintain a long-term commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Climate Action Plan (CAP) Committee, a subcommittee of the Sustainability Advisory Committee, has been constituted to assist the College in developing the Climate Action Plan. The CAP committee consists of students, college staff and administrators, faculty, and local community members. The tentative timeline for the work of the committee is shown below.

Tentative Timeline

January 2018 Hold Two Mini-Symposia to Inform Committee Members
February-March 2018  Develop a Skeletal Framework for the Climate Action PlanHold Two Mini-Symposia to Inform Committee Members
April 10, 2018 Hold Open Campus Meeting to Present Framework of CAP
May 2018  Hold Retreat to Plan Writing of CAP Draft
Early-October 2018 Complete the Draft of the Climate Action Plan
Early November 2018 Present Draft of CAP to the President's Senior Staff
Spring 2019 Submit Draft of CAP to appropriate committees of the Board of Trustees
  August 2020  Climate Action Plan adopted by LVC Board of Trustees
    Celebration of the New Climate Action Plan