The camp fee is $950. Every student who attends an Actuarial Science Summer Camp is eligible for a limited number of $300 scholarships, and African American, Native American, and Hispanic students may receive additional support. All applicants are automatically considered for scholarships. The awards are based on the overall quality of the application, but the essay is especially important. The essay is the answer to the last question on the application form "Write a 500-word essay explaining why you want to participate in the Actuarial Science Summer Camp." Since students' responses are compiled and used to help shape the week's curricula and activities, clarity and specificity are the primary evaluation criteria.

Commuter Discount

This camp is designed as a residential experience, and hopefully all of our campers can stay on campus during the week. However, for those who prefer to commute from home, you can save $125 by not staying in a residence hall.