COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 vaccines are available to all groups in PA. Review the fall 2021 return to campus protocols and let LVC know when you are fully vaccinated.

Student Government participate in a retreat at Gretna Glen
The deadline for student government nominations is Monday, Sept. 14, at 4 p.m.


ALL members of Student Government will have the following responsibilities: 

  1. Attend weekly meetings of the Lebanon Valley College Student Government at 9:40 p.m. on Monday evenings 
  2. Attend Student Government fall and spring retreats.
  3. Listen to and voice concerns raised pertaining to student life/satisfaction at LVC 
  4. Ensure the promotion of inclusion and diversity for all students at Lebanon Valley College 
  5. Attend class meetings as called by the class President 
  6. Attend all Student Government Forums if available
  7. Volunteer to assist SG in a variety of ways 
    • Work in the student government office during designated times 
    • Work at the SG table in College Center when needed 
    • Act as a liaison between Student Government and various campus departments to share ideas/concerns 
    • Chair/participate in committees as appointed by the SG Executive Board 
    • Attend special events as designated by the SG Executive Board 
    • Participate in Community Service
    • All student government representatives are encouraged to engage in a certain number of continuing education practices ( i.e., Green Dot, Interfaith Dialogue, Intergroup Dialogue, Brave Zone, and Fall Leadership Retreat)

Available Positions to Apply For: 

You may run for a class representative & one of the other positions, but will only be eligible to hold one of the 2 positions. There will be 27 upper-class Student Government members elected that will comprise of 4 class officers, 1 Commuter Representative, 1 Equity Representative, and 3 Class Representatives, for a total of 9 representatives from each class. 

If elected, you will have the unique opportunity to represent the undergraduate students of Lebanon Valley College and serve as their voice to the college. 


Class Presidents

Class Presidents must organize and preside over class meetings at least twice per month as needed. They must meet with the Student Government Advisor twice per semester to update him/her on class initiatives. Work with and delegate to all class members to plan and implement designated class events (homecoming, winter formal, etc.) and to voice concerns that may directly affect their class. 

Class Vice-Presidents

Class Vice-Presidents must work closely with the Class President, delegate tasks, and assist the class in any way necessary. One primary responsibility is to develop and plan team building/ice-breaker activities to help develop unity among class representatives. 

Class Secretary

The Class Secretary is responsible for the communication between all Student Government representatives within their own class. They keep minutes during class meetings and distribute them to members and advisors. 

Class Treasurer

The Class Treasurer develops budget for class events and keeps track of all expenditures. Each Class Treasurer is a member of the SG Budget Committee that reviews club and organization budget allotment requests each spring and makes recommendations for approval to all SG members. 

Class Representatives

Class Representatives are an active participant in all designated class events and will assist in the planning and implementation of these events (set-up, tear-down, tables in Mund lobby, etc.). They will attend class meetings. 

Commuter Representatives

Commuter Representatives work with the commuting student population to give voice, community, and opportunities to out commuter students through advocacy and  programs. They will meet with the Director of Student Activities monthly (or more as needed) to plan and implement social opportunities geared to the commuter population. They will attend Commuter Luncheons and encourage commuter involvement in campus-wide activities. 

Equity Representatives

Equity Representatives will work with the Office of Intercultural Affairs, Spiritual Life, Disability Services, Global Education, and other offices as deemed necessary to ensure the promotion of inclusion and diversity amongst SG-sponsored activities. Each class' Equity Representatives will serve as a liaison to one of LVC's affinity organizations by attending at least one meeting of each club monthly and relaying information/concerns to SG. One Equity Representative should attend the monthly Intercultural Affairs Community meeting. Two Equity Representatives will be chosen to serve on the Committee for Intercultural and Inclusive Learning.