LVC Strong

As with all exercise programs, please use common sense when using our videos. Please check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program to reduce and avoid injury. You are performing these fitness exercises at your own risk. Lebanon Valley College, including but not limited to the Physical Therapy and Exercise Science Departments, and the individuals featured in the videos are not responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our fitness program, online fitness videos, or information shared on our website. This includes emails, videos, and text. Note: None of the Lebanon Valley College students featured in the videos currently maintain a professional physical therapy license. Thanks for your understanding.

“We were inspired by faculty in the College’s Exercise Science and Physical Therapy programs,” noted Daniel Braun ’20, D’22, one of the organizers of the community service project. “Professors like Dr. Justin Mierzwicki [clinical assistant professor of physical therapy], teach about the benefits of exercise to nearly every organ system in the body and the variety of mental health benefits. Now, more than ever, good health should be a priority! Logan Reever ’19 [interim LVC strength and conditioning coach] has also done a great job establishing the college fitness center as an environment for growth and self-improvement, and I think it’s something many are missing while at home.”

Community service and giving back to others is highly valued at LVC, including through our Physical Therapy Program, which holds a variety of community screening events each year and the free services of our student-run CURE Clinic,” Braun said. “We can always push ourselves further and do more. And, as DR. Mierzwicki reminds us every day, “Exercise is good.”

The six fitness trainers have combined for decades of experience, including hundreds of clients and athletes trained, and more than a half dozen training certifications. They continue to push themselves to achieve more, illustrated by Jon Harned ’18, D’20, who recently accepted an upcoming residency with the Johns Hopkins Hospital Sports Physical Therapy Program in Baltimore, Md. Thank you to:

  • Daniel Braun ’20, D’22 (SPT, NFPT-CPT)
  • Erik Caplan D’22 (CSCS)
  • Jon Harned ’18, D’20 (SPT, advanced training certification in PBFR)
  • Ryan Heim ’18 (biology; ISSA-SCS)
  • Kaylee Kleffel ’20, D’22 (SPT, ACSM-CPT, ACSM Inclusive Exercise Specialist)
  • Logan Reever ’19 (CSCS, interim LVC strength, and conditioning coach)