Communications to Campus

Communication to members of the campus community is critical in any emergency. Information must be provided in a timely fashion using the most effective modes of communication available.

Note: Certain details of some critical incidents/emergencies may be private and/or protected by privacy laws such as HIPAA, FERPA, etc. In such cases, the College must balance the need to respect privacy with the importance of keeping the College community informed.


Emergency Information Sources

The College will communicate with the campus community (students and employees) about a critical incident/emergency using one or more of the following:

  • Text Messages
  • Email
  • Voice Mail
  • Social Media
  • Portal (MyLVC)
  • Beacons
  • Door-to-Door
  • Paper and Digital Signs
  • Siren(s)
  • LVC Homepage

In some situations, others (e.g., parents or alumni) may also be notified.


Emergency Warning Siren(s)

The College has a siren system on the roof of the Bertha Brossman Blair Music Center to notify students and employees of a critical incident with an imminent and/or immediate safety risk. Use of the Siren Warning System will signal an incident with an imminent and/or immediate health and/or safety risk.

  • The College conducts a bi-weekly test of the Siren Warning System every other Tuesday at 11 a.m. (start of Common Hour)
  • The College conducts a test of the Siren Warning System and E2 Campus Alert System during the fourth week of each semester through the Office of Student Affairs.



  • Remain in a safe location.
  • Consult emergency information sources listed here.
  • Go to a designated area if directed to do so.

Note: A variety of other critical incidents require ongoing communication and updates but no immediate action by the majority of the campus community. In these situations, the College will provide regular updates as appropriate using the emergency information sources listed above. For non-critical incidents such as weather extremes and minor power outages, the College will provide regular updates as appropriate by email, E2 Campus, phone trees, etc.