LVC Emergency Plan

Purpose and Overview

These guidelines on emergency preparedness—Critical Incident and Emergency Management Plan—is designed to: a) inform the campus community about what to do in the event of a critical incident/emergency; b) assist the College in responding to critical incidents and emergency situations that may occur; and c) inform you about what to expect from campus and other officials responding to such an incident.

These plans and guidelines provide a framework to support institutional leadership in making thoughtful decisions, offering comprehensive responses, communicating with all constituencies, and utilizing all available resources. These plans and guidelines anticipate challenges to the institutional community and help facilitate comprehensive consideration of all factors when times of critical incidents and crises occur. 

For the purpose of these guidelines, an emergency is defined as any occurrence or condition that requires prompt or immediate action. A critical incident is defined as an occurrence that significantly disrupts the normal operation of the College and possibly jeopardizes the health, safety, and well-being of the LVC community.

We strongly recommend that members of the campus community familiarize themselves with these guidelines so as to be better prepared should a major emergency touch the campus. Click here for a printable version.

Comments, questions, and suggestions about these guidelines are welcome. Please email them to