Intramurals Eligibility

All actively-playing students, faculty and staff members are eligible to compete. In co-ed activities, spouses of the above groups are eligible to compete.

The following restrictions apply to eligibility:

  1. All junior varsity and varsity team members are ineligible for intramural competition in their respective sports during that sport's season. The season shall be considered to have begun when a particular sport has played its first regularly scheduled contest.
  2. If an individual is ineligible to compete in a varsity sport due to grades or the transfer rule, being red shirted, being injured, or if he/she practices regularly with the varsity team, that individual shall be considered a team member and ineligible for intramural play.
  3. Only two (2) members of a Club Sport Team may appear on a like intramural roster of that sport, and only one participant may be on the floor or court at a time (Co-ed Volleyball).
  4. All students who have used their college athletic eligibility as determined by the NCAA in a given sport are ineligible to participate in that sport or any related sport.
  5. A player may not play on more than one team in a given sport. After entering a contest wiht a given team, a player may not transfer to another team in that sport. The involved player may be suspended from the intramural program.
  6. A player may sign up for both a men's or women's team and a co-ed team, but may not be permitted to play on more than the two teams for which he or she is registered.
  7. Any team permitting an ineligible player to participate automatically forfeits the contest in which the ineligible player takes part. Intramural team captains are responsible for the establishment of the eligibility of players on their rosters. The Intramural Office does not assume the responsibility for checking the eligibility of the participants at the place of contest.
  8. The Intramural Staff may either waive or modify the rules when it can be demonstrated that such rules would restrict the right of the individual to participate in any unreasonable or unfair manner.
  9. The Intramural Staff reserves the right to issue any new rules or regulations that may be deemed essential to the total program.