Students and Employees

Check your email the morning of Weds., April 21, to schedule an appointment for Friday's on-campus vaccine clinic.

Community service plays an important role in the LVC student experience. Whether as part of a class, a student group/team endeavor or an independent pursuit, hands-on service helps to shape our understanding of who we are as members of a community.

However, in a time when safety limits us in the ways we may directly engage with others, we are reminded that the development of our civic leadership competencies—knowledge and awareness of who we are and the responsibilities we carry as members of a complex world—comes in many forms.

While our opportunities for off-campus, hands-on service will be limited, let’s embrace this chance to expand our knowledge, awareness, and understanding in new ways. May we also be reminded that the restrictions we feel today will not last forever, and that by honoring them, we are helping to preserve the safety of all, hence supporting our ultimate return to in-person service in the quickest, most effective way possible.

Types of Service Experiences and Who May Engage

Off-Campus Service Opportunities

Off-campus service opportunities will be permitted only for those students who have a required service component as part of a class.

Hands-on service opportunities may be pursued off-campus only when they are indirect in format (not directly serving people). Projects that take place outdoors are preferred, however, indoor projects will be permitted provided they follow all safety guidelines. Transportation will not be provided to sites. Students will be responsible for securing their own transportation.

Any organization with which a student serves as part of an off-campus service opportunity must observe all current CDC, state, and county guidelines for group size, physical distance between individuals, handwashing, sanitizing of surfaces and equipment, and requiring proper protective equipment/face coverings. Documented COVID-19 prevention practice guidelines will be collected from any partner organization before students serve there.

On-Campus Service Opportunities

All on-campus projects will be conducted in compliance with LVC health/safety guidelines. For instance, for group gatherings this includes:

  • Wearing face coverings and social distancing
  • Following campus policy regarding where students may gather and the maximum number that may do so.

These service projects may be for the benefit of the campus community or a community partner that has provided an opportunity that may be completed from an on-campus venue.

Projects should require limited sharing of materials. Each volunteer should be given his/her personal supplies needed to carry out the project.

Virtual Service Opportunities

Virtual projects will be shared electronically and might include, but not be limited to, initiatives such as those described below. These projects will follow specified guidelines to ensure the safety of all individuals.

  • Creating deliverables for a partner organization, such as digital media or social media content, print materials, or other information-sharing products
  • Creating virtual educational materials or streaming a presentation or performance
  • Connecting with vulnerable populations (i.e. older adults, individuals with disabilities) through approved programs and initiatives.

It will be important for volunteers to complete any specific training put in place by the community organization or LVC to ensure the safety of all participants (this could include obtaining clearances).

Experiential Learning, Speaker Conversations and More

Beyond hands-on service, students will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of experiential learning opportunities (i.e. box sleep out to inform understanding of homelessness), speaker sessions (i.e. remote dialogues with community and service leaders to explore social needs and issues), book groups, etc. as a means of developing civic leadership competencies.

The Office of Service and Volunteerism will make available suggested projects that may safely be completed within each of these categories. If opportunities are developed by other departments/student groups on campus, they will likewise observe these guidelines. Students who are at risk of complications from COVID-19 are advised to avoid off-campus, in-person service opportunities and seek remote/virtual service opportunities instead.

As always, students are reminded to report their service hours in the following ways:

Students serving individually shall enter their hours via MyLVC -> My Info For Students -> Report Service Hours.

Students service as part of a group shall have a group leader email the following details to Jen at

  • Name of project
  • Date of project
  • Organization benefiting from the service
  • Names of all student participants
  • Hours served by each student participant