MLK Day 2022

At LVC, we typically take part in a full week of service opportunities to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr.  Because the campus community will not be together this year during the week of MLK Day, the following are some ways you might consider honoring Dr. King’s legacy from wherever you are.  Caring, even in seemingly small ways, makes our communities better and stronger.  That care, of course, includes helping to keep one another safe and healthy.  

For students who have been given permission to be on campus, a Night of Service will be held on Monday, Jan. 17, at 7 p.m. in the Mund Dining Hall. Please sign up on Redbook.

Donate to your local food pantry

Before doing so, check their website to see if they identify items that are especially needed at this time. Or consider donating personal hygiene items, cleaning/paper supplies or diapers and baby wipes.

Support a cause

What is a community need that you are particularly passionate about addressing? Literacy? Food and housing access?  Opportunities for individuals with disabilities? Animal rescue? The list is endless. Make a donation to an organization in your hometown that does important work in these areas. Not sure how to find one? Check with your local United Way.

Use your skills and talents

Are you crafty? Create cards for a senior community or make toys for dogs at the humane society (if you don’t know where to take your creations, bring them back to campus and the Office of Service and Volunteerism will distribute them for you).  Do you like to cook? Make a meal for someone who’s hurting. Are you an athlete? It’s cold, but round up some kids in your neighborhood and get them outside and moving.  Use the things you love doing and are already good at to make a difference!   

Clean up the streets

…or the trails or the parks…but enjoy some fresh air while you pick up trash and help to care for the earth.

Reach out

Is there someone you’ve been wanting to connect with but just haven’t made the time to do so? Or an older adult in your life who might be feeling lonely? Was your last conversation with your mom or your brother not such a great one and you’ve been feeling kind of bad? Make the effort to reach out. Strong relationships help build strong communities. It all starts with communication. 

Explore the life and legacy of Dr. King

If there are younger children in your life, learn more about the work of Martin Luther King Jr. by reading a book together. Grab one from the local library or consider purchasing one for them to keep. Or simply immerse yourself in a book about the life, teachings, and legacy of this great man. Is there an MLK quote you’ve always found meaningful? Gain a deeper understanding by looking up and reading the full text in which King originally shared it. Then consider how YOU can be a reflection of those words today!


If you have questions or desire additional information, please contact Jen Liedtka in the Office of Service and Volunteerism at