Enhance your Resume with Service

Students at LVC are encouraged to enhance their presentation to future employers with an official demonstration to their commitment to community service. Three levels of achievement are available for inclusion in your personal profile on LVC’s Job Center.

Bronze Community Service Award

Students with the Bronze Award noted on their Job Center profile have performed 25 qualified hours of community service within the course of one academic year. Qualified hours conform to LVC's Service Hour Guidelines. Hours are submitted by a monthly report.


Silver Community Service Award

Students who have provided the local community with 60 hours of service during their tenure at LVC are recognized with a Silver Community Service Award. Recipients of the Bronze Award may provide an additional 35 community service hours to advance to Silver.


Gold Community Service Award

The Gold Community Service Award requires 100 hours of service while you are student a LVC. Recipients of the Silver Award who work an additional 40 hours in qualified community service are also eligible.


Residential Service Project

For the Gold Award, students must also complete a residential project in addition to the 100 hours of service. The project must include involvement with others in a group setting. The project must also require the volunteer to be away from their primary residence (home and/or College) for at least 3 days of volunteer work. Work must conform to LVC's Service Hour Guidelines.

NOTE: The Residential Project may be completed at any time during the program (i.e. while enrolled in Bronze or Silver) but is only submitted for approval for the Gold Award.


How do I get involved?

Following the completion of their first service hour(s), students may enroll by completing the Monthly Service Report. Indicate that you would like the hour(s) to count toward your individual LVC Community Service Award by checking the appropriate box located directly on the form.


What else should I know?

LVC differentiates campus service from community service. Qualifying community service hours are defined in LVC's Service Hour Guidelines available on the Web site. Although campus service hours make a significant contribution to our campus community, generally only community service hours apply toward LVC's Community Service Awards program.

Students may choose to complete community service hours in the company of fellow students as part of one of LVC's many student-led service organizations such as Best Buddies, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Habitat for Humanity, Servants of Christ, etc. Visit our Web site for a complete listing of these organizations, as well as a listing of several Lebanon County community service organizations which welcome student volunteers.


Rewards That Keep Giving

In addition to the deeply felt sense of personal satisfaction and resume enhancement that comes from serving others, students who participate in the Community Service Awards program are eligible to receive:

  • a general letter of reference for credentials,
  • a framed certificate upon completion of the program,
  • invitations to special events and programs, and
  • other gifts and opportunities.

A key component of our work at the College is to "prepare students for a life of service to others" (LVC's Mission Statement). We are eager to assist you as you develop lifelong habits of service to the local community. Please do not hesitate to contact the Chaplain at fullmer@lvc.edu if you have further questions.