COVID-19 Information

In-person learning delayed until Feb. 15. Classes start online Feb. 1.

Sign up on REDBOOK or by emailing Jen Liedtka by Jan 6. When registering, you will indicate the experience numbers of the specific activities in which you plan to participate. You will then be provided with Zoom links and all of the additional information you’ll need.

Please note: Every experience will happen virtually. Service hours will be awarded.

Due to COVID-19 and the travel limitations it has imposed, students who participate in all eight components and complete a final reflection paper may use this experience in lieu of participating in a service trip to fulfill the residential service project requirement for the Gold Service Award. (Participation will NOT, however, fulfill a Constellation immersive experience requirement).


January 11-15: Exploring Food Insecurity From a Global Perspective

#1: January 11 | 7 p.m. | Book discussion: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Books for the first 30 registrants will be ordered and purchased by Student Engagement!  We will have the book sent to you so that you can read it prior to Jan 11 when we will gather for a discussion focused on the its content and the topic of global food insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa.  Tanya Weaver of the American Foundation for Children with AIDS will help to facilitate the discussion.  

#2: January 11-15 | Pass My Plate Monetary Donation

Extreme poverty, defined by the World Bank as $1.90 per day, has resulted in a hunger epidemic affecting millions around the world. How much more than $1.90 do YOU spend on food each day? Figure out the difference and how much it would total over 5 days. Donate that amount to the American Foundation for Children with AIDS by making your contribution to our LVC Community Service Venmo account. Learn more about this initiative at but do NOT register at that site.

#3: January 11-15 | Pass My Plate Eating Challenge

Are you able to actually eat on just $1.90 per day? Do so for at least one day this week. We’ll share recipes and more ideas to support you in your effort.

#4: January 15 | 4 p.m. | Pass My Plate Reflection

Whether you took part in experience #2, #3, or both, we will definitely want to reflect with you. This is such an important part of any service-related endeavor. Tanya Weaver from AFCA will again join us to share her personal reflections on the work she has done in Africa over the past decade.  


January 18-22: Exploring Poverty in Lebanon County

#5: January 18-22 | Daily Mini Poverty Simulations

Each day of the week you will complete one simulation that mirrors the reality of living in poverty (i.e. no access to transportation, no access to a bed, etc). Specific instructions for each mini simulation will be provided.

#6: January 18-22 | Lebanon County Christian Ministries Tour

At your convenience, view our virtual tour of the food bank, clothing bank, and shelter at LCCM and hear first-hand about the realities of living in poverty in Lebanon County.

#7: January 18-22 | Support LCCM

Contribute one food or clothing item each day from LCCM’s wish list (will be provided for all registrants). Bring all of your donated items to Miller Chapel when you return for the spring semester.

#8: January 22 | 4 p.m. | Local Poverty Reflection

We’ll reflect together on your mini poverty simulation experiences and the virtual tour of LCCM. Staff members from LCCM will help to facilitate this dialogue and provide additional information about the important work they do in our county. We will also reflect on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s fight against economic injustice.