The following were identified as "green" efforts in IT during a review conducted in the spring of 2010, updated in 2012.

  • We only purchase Energy Smart servers and Energy Star-compliant desktops, laptops and printers.
  • We only purchase network and server equipment that is RoHS-compliant.
  • We install multifunction devices (printer/scanner/copier/fax) where possible to reduce the number of devices (and power consumption) and to facilitate the use of electronic instead of paper documents.
  • We use older servers as a cold backup site for emergencies instead of maintaining a warm/hot backup site, thereby reducing power consumption and saving money.
  • We recycle all discarded servers, desktops, laptops, printers and batteries, either through Facilities or on our own through (all) or Battery Warehouse (batteries).
  • We only use one monitor for each rack of servers and do not use screensavers, thereby reducing power consumption.
  • We recycle all copper wiring that is taken out of service or is scrap from wiring projects.Over 600 pounds in 2011 recycled.
  • We offer the used servers we take out of service to non-profit organizations in order to extend their useful life.
  • We offer the used computers we take out of service to non-profit organizations and employees in order to extend their useful life. 
  • We participate in the College’s paper, cardboard and glass recycling program including packing materials in which computers, printers and other equipment are delivered.
  • We select electronic instead of paper documentation when ordering new computers and printers.
  • We implement energy-saving hardware and software options available for printers and computers.
  • We regularly communicate energy-saving tips for computers and printers to employees.
  • We use software instead of paper for many functions (tracking trouble calls, taking phone messages, distributing materials, etc.).
  • We use the web to post many documents online rather than distributing paper copies, and provide the software and other tools for users in other offices to do the same.
  • We and the rest of the campus recycle printer toner cartridges by returning them to the manufacturer.
  • We made a switch to electricity aware and efficient servers to reduce server power consumption by over 90% per server. In year one of a three plan to replace all enterprise production servers.
  • We made a switch to a VOIP voice and voicemail solution reducing electricity needs by about 40% compared to the previous system.