Annual Data Reports

Common Data Set

The Common Data Set (CDS) initiative is a collaborative effort among data providers in the higher education community and publishers as represented by the College Board, Peterson's, and U.S. News & World Report. The combined goal of this collaboration is to improve the quality and accuracy of information provided to all involved in a student's transition into higher education, as well as to reduce the reporting burden on data providers.

Common Data Set 2015-2016

Common Data Set 2014-2015 

Common Data Set 2013-2014 

Common Data Set 2012-2013

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LVC Annual Factbook

The annual Factbook serves as a repository for commonly reported and requested information about the College.  The data in the report is presented longitudinally for historical reference and to encourage the examination of trends.

2016-2017 Factbook pages will be posted by section as the data becomes available.


General Section 

Admissions Section

Enrollment Section 

Financial Aid Section   

  • Financial Aid - part 1
  • Financial Aid - part 2

Academics Section

Student Engagement Section

  • Athletics
  • Service Hours
  • Study Abroad

Graduates & Alumni Section

  • Six Months & One Year Out Graduate Outcomes
  • Five & Ten Years Out Graduate Outcomes   
  • Alumni Giving Rate

Faculty & Employees Section 

  • Full-time Employees by Position Categorization
  • Diversity of Full-time Employees
  • Full-time Faculty Profile
  • LVC & AAUP Faculty Salaries
  • Part-time Employees by Position Categorization

 Faculty & Employees Section 

  • Revenues & Expenses
  • Endowment


Previous Factbooks

Factbook 2015-2016

Factbook 2014-2015 

Factbook 2013-2014