Sandino Rebellion

Exemplifying the innovative scholarship of faculty in the History & Political Science Department, Assistant Professor Michael Schroeder's website on THE SANDINO REBELLION in Nicaragua (1927-1934) currently houses nearly 3,000 primary documents, and when completed will integrate over 25,000 documents culled from repositories in the United States and Nicaragua.  Still under construction, the website offers a unique opportunity for students, scholars, and ordinary citizens to investigate key questions of the modern era, including nationalism, state formation, guerrilla war, identity formation, popular rebellion, gender relations, social memory, and the ironies of the imperial enterprise.  (To visit the website, click on the link above or either of the images.)

Recipient of two LVC grants encouraging student-faculty collaboration in faculty-driven research projects (a Pleet Initiative grant of $5,000 in 2009-11, and an Arnold Grant of $5,000 for 2011-13), Dr. Schroeder's website project has actively involved upwards of 15 students in the process of designing & building a large & open-access digital historical archive.  Student contributions to date include the creation of interactive maps, translating & transcribing documents, preparing digital files for publication, assisting with site design & navigation, and "getting their hands dirty" combing through boxes of documents in the US National Archives in Washington D.C. and in College Park, MD. 

LVC students interested in working on this project are encouraged to contact Dr. Schroeder for more information.

Image below:  Lebanon Valley College student-researchers Missy Zellner, Nick Quadrini, and Katrina Wells having a blast scanning historic photographs in the US National Archives II, College Park, MD, January 2011.