Historical Communications Major

Do you love history and communications and seek a career that will draw from both of these strengths? This innovative major may be for you. Historical communications (H-COM) is an interdisciplinary program that provides the opportunity for students to engage in a comprehensive study of both history and communications. Lebanon Valley College is one of the few four-year colleges to offer such a program, which is designed to prepare students for professional research, writing, and editorial positions in emerging fields in digital and social media, as well as more established media and fields such as radio, television, motion pictures, cable, popular history magazines, theatrical history, public history, museums, local historical organizations, and oral history. It is especially geared toward students interested in working in the field of communications but want to have history rather than English as their "intellectual core." Students are expected to master various kinds of writing styles, including analytical historical essays, journalism, and public relations. These majors have often been stronger than many traditional majors.

Graduates of this program have gone on to work in museums, journalism, politics, and education. 

Degree Requirements: Bachelor of Arts with a major in historical communications

Required courses:

ENG 140 Introduction to Theater
ENG 213
HIS 250 The Historian's Craft
HIS 400 Internship

One of:

HIS 460 Undergraduate Research
HIS 499 Senior Seminar in History

Also required:

  • Three 3 credit 100-level history courses.
  • Three history electives, including one at the 300 level and two non-U.S.

Three additional electives (9 credits) drawn from these courses or approved special topics courses:

BUS 285 Organizational Communications
DCOM 130 Principles of Information Design
DCOM 290 Special Topics
DCOM 390 Special Topics
ENG 217
ENG 314
ENG 315
ENG 316
ENG 317
ENG 318
ENG 380