Major with International Affairs Concentration:

Degree Requirements:

ECN 101 Principles of Microeconomics
ECN 102 Principles of Macroeconomics
INT 100
INT 499
PSC 245


ECN 331 International Finance
ECN 332 International Trade

Two courses in international politics:

DSP 380 EU Simulation
INT 275
PSC 210
PSC 211
PSC 212
PSC 213
PSC 275
PSC 312
PSC 313
PSC 380

Two courses in global history:

DSP 322 The 20th-Century World
HIS 206 Revolution and Nationalism
HIS 207 Europe in the 20th Century
HIS 210 History of Modern France
HIS 275 Modern Latin America
HIS 303 The History of South Africa
HIS 304 History of Brazil
HIS 305 History of Mexico
HIS 310 Seminar on World War I

Two advanced - level foreign language courses at the 300 level or above.

Completion of a study abroad program and internship or research track, as described below is also required.

Majors must also complete either an internship or research track:

  • Internship Track: earn at least 6 internship credits. This can be accomplished with an international/foreign policy-related internship in the Washington Center program, in a Study Abroad program, or in any other LVC-approved internship program (INT 400).
  • Research Track: students can earn at least 6 credits of undergraduate research. This includes PSC 370 (Research Methods in Political Science) or SOC 311 (Research Methods in Sociology) and at least 3 credits of INT 460 (undergraduate research) in order to meet the requirements of the research component. INT 460 requires students to collaborate with a professor on a research project and is designed so students can hone their research skills in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information. The purpose of the research option is to assure that students develop research methodologies in line with research objectives.

Study Abroad Requirement:

International Studies majors and minors are required to participate in at least one approved off-campus program offered by the Study Abroad office. This may include a semester of study abroad or an approved alternative program, such as exchange programs, mini-terms, short-term or summer programs. Courses taken in off-campus programs can be accepted for credit to the International Studies major, but approval for such credit is contingent on equivalent courses in the catalog. For a list of approved off-campus programs, please see the study abroad section.