Dr. Michael Lehr

Dr. Michael Lehr Publishes in Orthopedic Practice Journal

Lehr Illustration 1In July 2009, Professor Michael Lehr recently was published in the Orthopedic Practice Journal in regards to a literature review on the topic “Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders”. The article reviewed the current literature and proposed some potential clinical applications that may benefit physical therapists within the field. Lehr collaborated with Amanda Semon, a 5th year doctoral physical therapy student, and Dr. Roger Nelson, who is also a current faculty member and fellow of the American Physical Therapy Association. Lehr acknowledges the contributions to this project and specialty area by his mentors, Dr. Nelson and Dr. Marcia Epler, who are both faculty members in LVC’s Physical Therapy Program.

Lehr Illustration 2Currently within the healthcare field, there is a call to action in terms of evidence-based practice and orthopedic medicine. Lehr is currently board certified in the area of orthopedics and provides a unique perspective to the topic. The manuscript highlights the clinical considerations of the new technology and how these applications may service specific orthopedic patient populations. Lehr, who has worked as a physical therapist over the last ten years, commented on the recent publication, “As clinicians, we are always looking for new and potentially effective interventions to utilize with our patients. One way we can make good clinical decisions, is to look at the literature and see where the evidence takes us.”

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