Learn about the SolarWinds Attack, considered the most devastating cyberattack in American history, and its impact on U.S. cybersecurity. Ron Plesco, an attorney specializing in cyber and information crimes and a team member who investigated the attack, will deliver the lecture.

SolarWinds Inc. is a Texas-based information technology firm with high-profile clients including U.S. government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. In 2020, the company was subject to a cyberattack that spread to its clients. The attack went undetected for several months and allowed hackers to spy on companies and organizations. The cyberattack against SolarWinds was attributed to hackers directed by the SVR Russian intelligence service.

Plesco is an attorney with the firm DLA Piper specializing in privacy and information security. He has experience in cyber investigations, threat intelligence, information assurance, identity management, cyber threats, artificial intelligence, and cyber-fraud. Plesco, along with other leading cyber and information security experts, from the Department of Homeland Security to Crowdstrike, are highlighted in an April 2021 NPR article and radio segment about the SolarWinds attack.

The event includes a Q&A period. Dr. Chris Dolan, graduate director of LVC’s Master of Science in Intelligence and Security Studies (MSISS) Program and professor of politics and global studies, will host the event.

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