Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue (IASTM) has become a valuable skill set for the manual therapist that can complement techniques such as mobilizations, high velocity low amplitude thrust techniques, and other soft tissue techniques intended to neuromodulate pain and muscle tone. This unique lab intensive course will focus on a student-centered learning environment emphasizing the foundational concepts, clinical reasoning, and psychomotor skills applying to this topic. Over 80% of the time will be devoted to lab with the intent of giving the participant an opportunity to practice and refine these skills to clinical competency. A clinical decision-making framework will be presented, which can be integrated into the participant’s current clinical practice pattern. Specific techniques will be presented that can be applied to common musculoskeletal pathologies. Small group work/discussion involving case scenarios will be encouraged and facilitated by the instructor to provide clinical context. This environment is consistent with evidence-based teaching methods intended to optimize learning outcomes.

Speakers: Michael O'Connell, DPT, OCS, COMT & Franco Madaffari, PT, ATC, COMT