As a component of the “What Heroin Sounds Like” project, Associate Professor of Digital Communications Mathew Samuel and students in his Design for Good course (DCOM 395), in collaboration with local activist and founder Adam Delmarcelle, will create a site-specific installation that seeks to re-create the physical and mental feeling of addiction. This interactive video and audio installation will offer viewers an opportunity to better understand the feelings a person struggling with opioid addiction experiences when the need or “desire” to use takes hold. We hope to educate viewers on the meaning of addiction, with special emphasis on stigma reduction. Many still believe that addiction is a choice. Our goal is to enhance viewers' experiential awareness of the scientific fact that addiction is a brain disease and a physical illness -- for only then will we be equipped to develop viable solutions to the opioid crisis. This interactive experience will help transform viewers' empathy and understanding of these issues by positioning them in the physical space of the addicted.