Independent Study & Departmental Honors

Juniors and seniors with a minimum 2.00 GPA, who wish to study an in-depth topic that is not covered in any offered courses may choose to take an independent study. For every semester hour of credit, the student must complete at least 45 clock hours of time working on what should ultimately result in a final formal document. Students are responsible for completing the necessary application forms, which are available in the registrar's office, and finding a professor to oversee their progress.

Students may enroll in a maximum of three credit hours per independent study in any one semester. A maximum of six credit hours in independent study may be used toward the graduation requirements.

English majors with a minimum 3.50 GPA at the end of their junior year also may choose to apply for departmental honors in conjunction with an independent study. A maximum of six credit hours may be earned toward independent study. Details are available from the department chairperson.