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English Major with a Communications Concentration

Core Requirements

Required courses:

ENG 120 Introduction to Literature
ENG 321 Poetry

Two of the following:

ENG 221 Survey of Amer. Literature I
ENG 222 Survey of Amer. Literature II
ENG 225 Survey of English Literature I
ENG 226 Survey of English Lit II
ENG 227 Survey of World Literature I
ENG 228 Survey of World Literature II

One of:

ENG 341 Acting II
ENG 342

Communications Concentration Requirements

Required courses:

ENG 099 Internship Portfolio
ENG 140 Introduction to Theater
ENG 400 Internship


Six additional communications courses, at least two of which mush be at the 300 level:

ENG 150 Intro. to Creative Writing
ENG 201
ENG 202
ENG 213
ENG 217
ENG 314 Public Relations/Digital Age
ENG 315
ENG 316
ENG 317
ENG 318
ENG 375
ENG 392 Special Topics in Communicatio