Title II

In accordance with state and federal regulations, Lebanon Valley College regularly reports the aggregate student data to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The HEA -- Title II 2006-2007 academic data (the last year of available data) shows the Aggregate -- Basic Skills institutional pass rate for the 97 students taking the assessment to be 96/97 or 99 percent, the Aggregate -- Academic Content Areas (reported elementary, music) pass rate for the 78 students taking the assessment to be 76/78 or 97 percent, and the Aggregate -- Teaching Special Populations (special education, ESL, etc.) pass rate for the 84 students taking the assessment to be 84/84 or 100 percent. Many factors, such as the number of students in the program, number of tests required for licensure, the number of licensure candidates who complete all required exams before graduation, and the number of teacher certification candidates who actually take the licensure exams, affect the overall College scores.