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Videography Concentration

Images can tell an incredibly powerful story, but only if done the right way. Students will learn the importance of pre-production, storyboarding, and the planning that goes behind a well-filmed work. 

While capturing the video is important, all of the editing work done afterward is just as valuable. Learning how to piece different videos together, add audio, and even special effects can help to create truly unique and powerful stories.

Students who opt for a concentration in Video must complete the following courses:

DCOM 340 Videography
DCOM 341 Editing/Post-Production
DCOM 343 Sound Design

One course from the following:

AMS 328 Film & the American Identity
ART 231 Digital Photography
ART 332 Art and the Moving Image
DCOM 294 Special Topics in Video
DCOM 347 Motion Graphics
DCOM 394 Special Topics in Video