Gold Community Service Award Recipients

The following award recipients have given 100 qualified hours of service while a student at LVC. They have also completed a residential project which required the student to be away from their primary residence (home and/or College) for at least 3 days of group-oriented volunteer work.

We honor these students for their exemplary service!

2012-2013 Recipients
Laura Blacker
Erik Brandt
Charelle Bryant
Rosemary Bucher
Kelly Fahnestock
Amanda Hanna
Jacquelyn Hoover
Stephanie Hostetter
Darcie Jenkins
Michael Lebo
Alyse Morgan
Sasha Birosik
Cassondra Diaz
Julia Hurley
Betty Ross
Sarah Solomon

2011-2012 Recipients
Kailah Buckwalter
Kira Echeandia
Gabrielle Groff
Karen Holzwarth
Brianna Jones
Kirstin Lutz
Halley Washburn
Nicole Dennis
Alyssa Godown
Jessica Hinkley
Darcie Jenkins
Daniel Kimmel
Amanda Nein

2010-2011 Recipients
Andrea Barr
Antonio Coach
Kelly Fahnestock
Tyler Herman
Heather Howard
Brittney Knauss
Kim McFadden
Kaitlin Miller
Garrett Palowitch
Sarah Shisler
Caleb Brown
Kristin Donohue
Lindsay Griendling
Kimmy Holt
Sherae Jones
Christa Levko
Robert Ian Miller
Samantha Oates
Katy Raines
Andrew Worley

2009-2010 Recipients
Lisa Niethamer
Tyler Herman
Caleb Brown
Charles Schmidt
Kaitlin Miller
Jaclyn Klinger
Heather Howard
Garrett Palowitch
Sara Piasecki
Sarah Klein

2008-2009 Recipients
Kelcie Fritts
Chrissy Garrison