Lectures in International Business

The Springer Lecture Program was endowed by Fred and Margaret Springer in 1987 in honor of the education their daughter, Margaret (Meg) Timmons, received while a student at LVC. According to Timmons, her father had an enormous respect for the value of education, believed in ethical leadership and corporate responsibility, and was committed to making life better for others. More than 20 lectures have been made possible since the program's inception.

2013: Dr. Holger Hinz
Dr. Hinz is a visiting Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence at LVC and a professor of finance at Germany's Flensburg University. He has 26 years of corporate experience in addition to his academic career.

2012: Anil Singh-Molares
Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow Anil Singh-Molares is an internationally renowned entrepreneur. A global citizen and businessperson, Singh-Molares served as one of Microsoft's top executives, managing a foreign language team and overseeing all internationalization vendor relations. After leaving Microsoft, he founded and serves as CEO of EchoMundi LLC, a firm that helps corporations do business abroad.

2011: Dr. Daniel Griswold
Griswold is director of trade policy studies for the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C., and presented "The Future of American Workers in a Global Economy." He is the author of three major studies on globalization, trade, and immigration, and has written for major newspapers and appeared on CNN, CNBC, PBS, and Fox News among others.

2010: Dr. Ron Hira
Hira is co-author of the acclaimed book "Outsourcing America: What's Behind Our National Crisis and How We Can Reclaim American Jobs." He spoke on "Offshoring: Current Trends, Impacts, and Policy Implications." Hira is an associate professor of public policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology and a licensed professional engineer.

2009: Dr. Holger Hinz
Hinz presented "So, Tell Me" What's up in Germany these Days?" Hinz was a visiting professor of international finance at Penn State Harrisburg at the time of the lecture.

2008: Adis Maria Vila
Vila is a multilingual and multicultural business executive with senior academic administration and government experience. Her presentation was titled "The Role of State Government in Attracting Foreign Direct Investments."

2007: Dr. Paul Ciccantell
Ciccantell presented "Raw Materials, Transport, and Long-term Change in the Global Economy."

2006: Dr. Zoya Kayira
Kayira lectured on "Globalization: Ukraine's Challenges and Choices."

2004: Christine Couturier '74
"Lessons from an International Career"

2002: Dr. Barney Raffield
"The Changing Economy of the Ukraine After Communism"

2001: George M. Reider Jr. '63 
"The Financial Service Sector: An Evolution or a Revolution?"

1997: Dr. Martin L. Gluntz '53 
"China - Asian Sleeping Tiger Awakens"