The Thomas Rhys Vickroy Society 150th Anniversary Dinner

It's never been easier to join this leadership giving society for the first time or renew a lapsed membership:
     1. Make a gift of $750 between July 1 and the end of the 150th Anniversary year (February 22, 2017)  
     2. The challengers will contribute an extra $250 on your behalf and make you a year-long member.

Already made a gift this fiscal year since July 1, 2016? Increase your support to $750, and it also qualifies for the match for Vickroy membership!

Be one of our 150 emerging leaders and help leverage $37,500 in gifts from the challengers

2016-2017 (since July 1, 2016)
Benjamin H. Bamford '03 and Lisa A. Bamford
Christopher T. Bauer ’09 and Ms. Jennifer A. Cronin ’11
Philip A. Billings and Sue A. Billings
Linda M. Blair '77 and E. Allen Blair
Larry A. Bowman ’70
Thomas A. Bowman Sr. P’88, P’96 and Donna L. Bowman P’88, P’96
James F. Brennan Jr. P'19 and Colleen B. Brennan P'19
Barry D. Buckingham '79, P'18, P'20
Gloria F. Carter '62, P'85, P'89, P'93 and C. Neal Carter P'85 P'89 P'93
Amber C. Corcoran '09
Charles J. DeHart III '68 and Madelene DeHart
David C. Delozier P'06 and Lisa A. Delozier P'06
Michael Demangone P'18 and Karen Demangone P'18
Robert J. Dillane '77 and Deborah M. Dillane '77
Allison H. Duffy ’90 and Michael F. Duffy
John E. Englebert '14
Cameron Ferdinand ’96 and Norma Ferdinand
Jeffrey C. Firestone, CPA ’86 and Mrs. Joan Firestone
Hiram E. Fitzgerald '62 and Dolores K. Fitzgerald '63
Molly O’Brien-Foelsch and Brian Foelsch
Kate E. Gerdes ’05 and Jedidiah J. Gerdes
Philip Gilbert P'18 and Lori Gilbert P'18
Kenneth R. Gilberg ’73 and Nanci Gilberg
Nathan J. Greenawalt '98, M'02 and Heather Greenawalt
Johnathan Harris P'19 and Courtney Hughes-Harris P'19
Margaret Hendershot '81 & Kenneth Hendershot '82
James Herbst P'19 and Kimberly A. Herbst P'19
William H. Hillmann '65 and Nancy F. Hillmann
Charles W. Hoopes '78
Carole D. Horn '65
Julie Mader Hostetter '73 and Michael L. Hostetter
Brian C. Hughes ‘97
Jessica Ickes and Joshua Ickes
John J. Jones '99 and Nancy J. Jones
David M. Joyner and Carolyn C. Joyner
Dr. Thomas Kachel P’17 and Cynthia Kachel P’17
Marsha C. King ’70 and Sanford E. King
Peter D. Kingshill P'17 and Barbara J. Kingshill P'17
Robert M. Kline '50 and Ann R. Kline
Geraldine N. Koppenhaver '54
Stefan P. Kruszewski and David H. Tobiasz
Russell P. Labe Jr. ’78 and Karen A. Labe
Dr. William J. Lamont Jr. ’67 and Phyllis S. Lamont
Anthony T. Leach ’73
Kenneth F. Leedy P'92 and Linda Leedy P'92
Steven M. Lezon P'20 and Dawn I. Lezon
Anna L. Light '51
Wesley J. MacMillan '64 and Elspeth M. MacMillan '66
Jonna-Lynn K. Mandelbaum, B.S.N., M.P.H., Ph.D. '69 and Mr. John D. Mandelbaum
J. Bruce McKinney and Sarah H. McKinney
Pamela A. Mehrens
Andrew T. Moser ’05 and Shaylene R. Scheib ‘07
Alan M. Newsome '07 and Ashton R. Newsome
Philip J. Nourie '92 and Marie A. Nourie
Carol M. Orndorf ’81, P’07, P’10, P’20 and Thomas P. Orndorf ’81, P’07, P’10, P’20
Anna Maria Ostrow
Kenneth L. Peiffer '61
Christopher S. Petrie P'17 and Sharon K. Petrie P'17
Lawrence H. Potts '82, P'08 and Carol S. Potts '82, P'0
Michael D. Rhoades ’95 and Jodi L. Rhoades ’96
Elliott H. Robinson and Jeannette Robinson
Elizabeth A. Sanders '78
Stephen C. Scanniello '78 and Dane Twining
Thomas J. Schatzman
Jeane L. Serrian '88 and Dr. John L. Serrian Jr.
The Rev. Dr. Daniel L. Shearer '38, H'65, P'62, P'68, P'72
Neil Shoreman and Alice E. Shoreman
Jeremy Simington
Tibor Sipos '64, H'11, P'89 and Elizabeth J. Sipos P'89
Mildred M. Snyder
Dr. Shelly K. Moorman-Stahlman P’16 and Randy K. Stahlman P’16
Karick E. Stober ’97 and Mrs. Amanda Stober
Cheryl Stoddart ’79 and Alan Clarkson-Dodds
Ronald E. Walborn and Nancy J. Walborn
Matthew A. Weaver ’06
Lance M. Westerhoff '98 and Erica L. Unger '98
Patricia S. Wiedeke '49
Laura J. Wiland ’05
Dr. Mark R. Witmer ’85 and Barbara N. Witmer ‘85
Michael Wolfe
Jack Yingling P'02 and Dr. M.J. Yingling P'02
Jordan Yingling and Gloria Rim

2015-2016 (between April 15 and June 30, 2016)

Spiros P. Anastas '10 and Lindsay Anastas

Jennifer E. Arthur '80

Stephen M. Autenrieth '74, P'09, P'15 and Lois Moore Autenrieth '74, P'09, P'15

Dr. Marianne T. Bartley

Richard E. Basta '69 and Maureen M. Basta

Matthew R. Becker '10 and Dr. Lauren E. Horst '09, D'11

Dr. Edward J. Billingham Jr. '56 and Betty J. Billingham

Dr. Mary Jean Bishop '84

John A. Brennan '01 and Beth A. Brennan '01

Debra S. Callahan

David A. Cass '93 and Julia L. Cass '94

Dr. Treva A. Clark

The Honorable Thomas W. Corbett Jr. '71 and Susan M. Corbett '72

Michael B. Danko '96 and Jennifer C. Danko '97

John W. Davis '64 and Connie Davis

Susan E. DeFalcis '93 and Daniel C. DeFalcis
Cynthia L. Evans '73
Ralph J. Fetrow '73

Pamela S. Fischer '81

Walt S. Frankowski Jr. '73 and Kathy Frankowski

The Rev. Dr. Paul M. Fullmer and Rebecca Fullmer

Jacob George P'19 and Sherly George P'19

Rebecca Hearsey and Todd Hearsey

BG (Ret.) Peggy J. Hengeveld '92 and Col. Cecil B. Hengeveld

Garry C. Hess, Ph.D.

Andrea R. Hill

Amy J. Himmelberger '90

Warren Hudak

Rachel L. Irvin '67

Susan S. Jones '92 and James W. Jones

John Kingham P'17 and Kathleen Kingham P'17

Michele A. Klinsky '92

Rosalyn R. Knapp, Col., USAF (Ret.) '61

Dr. Gregory D. Kohler '00 and Tricia A. Kohler

Dr. Thomas H. Kreiser '58 and Liese M. Davis-Kreiser

Gregory J. Kutchma '02 and Carrie E. Kutchma '00

Lisa M. Lancellotti '01 and Jeremy Lancellotti

Theresa R. Leatherbury '86 and John P. Leatherbury

Jeff MacLean

Dr. William R. Magill

James B. Maurer M'02 and Susan J. Maurer '85

Amelia H. McElwee '61 and William R. McElwee

Janet M. McLeod

Marjorie P. Miller '61

Rachel A. Moore '08 and Victor W. Wills IV

Geraldine R. Nease '50 and The Rev. Charles S. Nease, Jr.

Dale E. Oehler '75 and Holly Oehler

Kenneth Rabedeau P'16 and Judy Rabedeau P'16, P'17, P'17

The Rev. Dr. Christopher M. Rankin '01 and Anne Rankin

Dr. Roberta G. Reed '67 and William M. Gates

Gail S. Reeder '74 and Jeffrey N. Reeder

Joseph F. Rilatt '91 and Susan M. Rilatt '90

Robin E. Rowand '75

Frank A. Rutherford III '74 and M. Deborah Rutherford

Jill E. Samples '76

Gail A. Sanderson

Barbara G. Schroeder-Buck '75
Francis M. Stearn '67 and Cheryl A. Stearn '68

Olive B. Stoops '63 and Donald Stoops

David M. Sullivan '92 and Catherine E.C. Sullivan '94

Judith H. Taylor '75, M'00, P'02 and Attalee S. Taylor P'02

Kathleen M. Tierney

Dana M. Triantafillos '95 and Michael Triantafillos

Dr. David H. Wallace '50, H'76

Matthew D. Weaver and Phillip Neiswender

John Wilson P'18 and Vicki Wilson P'18

Jo Ann Yeagley '70

updated 3/20/17