Level 1

Level 1 student workers are typically employed for clerical and non-technical positions where directions and supervision is required and training may be necessary. Tasks include typing, filing, errands, taking phone messages, and basic computer processes. Examples of level 1 positions include academic department office assistants, college center desk employees, library periodicals assistant, and Financial Aid Office assistant.

Pay Rate

Academic Year: $7.25

Summer: Resident-$8; Commuter-$8.50


Level 2

Level 2 student worker positions require specific skills. Campus positions may be physical and training is required. Tasks include less supervision and more independent thinking. Examples of level 2 positions include lifeguard, Valley Ambassador, facilities crew, IT Services computer lab assistant, and safety patrol. 

Pay Rate

Academic Year: $7.75

Summer: Resident-$8.50; Commuter-$9


Level 3

Level 3 student worker positions require students to assume responsibility for projects and/or supervision of other students. Level 3 positions requires high skill level and ability to think and act independently. Examples of level 3 positions include Student A/V Technician, Business Office (Acct.) Intern, Head Computer Lab Assistant, and College Store Student Manager.

Pay Rate

Academic Year: $8.25

Summer: Resident-$9; Commuter-$9.50


Level 4

Level 4 student workers engage in off-campus community service and tutoring throughout the academic year and/or scientific research during the summer. Examples of level 4 positions during the academic year include working at the YMCA and daycare assistant. During the summer, student workers may hold positions as biology or chemistry lab assistants.

Pay Rate

Academic Year: Based on employer and grant funding

Summer: Based on grant funding

  • Students who are approved to live on campus during summer employment will pay a weekly room charge that will be automatically deducted from his/her pay. The student will receive 19 meals per week. The weekly meal value will be added to his/her taxable earnings as a “taxable fringe benefit” according to IRS guidelines.  All taxes will be calculated on the total of the earned income plus meals value and deducted from the earned income.
  • Student employees are not eligible for paid vacation or holiday hours.
  • Total number of hours worked during the academic year may not exceed 20 hours per week; summer hours may not exceed 40 hours per week.
  • During the academic year, students are exempt from paying Social Security tax (FICA) on wages earned through campus employment.
  • All jobs on campus will be considered Level 1 unless the employer has applied, and been approved, to have a particular job reclassified at a higher level.