Undergraduate International Costs

Tuition and Expenses in U.S. Dollars

Tuition and Fees $44,773
Room & Board $11,860
Estimated Expenses $4,200
Total Billable Charges $56,633


Graduate International Costs: 2017-2018

Tuition and Expenses in U.S. Dollars

based on information and rates for 2017-2018, subject to change

For 1 year of study

Estimated Total
For 2 years of study

12 courses–3 credits each

$660 per credit

$11,880 (6 courses)

$23,760 (12 courses)

10-15 online courses

$35 per course

$350 maximum

$350 maximum

Total Tuition




 *subject to change


Costs of Living Expenses (for students living off campus)

Estimated Cost of Living Expenses $10,850 per year $10,850 $21,700
Total Tuition + Housing Costs LIVING OFF CAMPUS $23,080 $45,810


Additional Costs for On-Campus Housing

Room and Board $5,930/per semester $11,860 (fall/spring) $23,720
Additional Estimated Expenses $2,100/per semester $4,200 (fall/spring) $8,400
Summer Term (optional): additional tuition and fees will apply
Total Room and Board/Expenses   $16,060 $32,120
Total Tuition and Housing Costs   $28,290 $56,580

*additional costs for living off campus are not calculated


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