International Students work with mentors to ensure success at LVC

Make New Friends

Connections can be powerful and a way to make a new environment feel like home. 

Through this program, international students can establish a mentorship bond with LVC faculty and staff that goes beyond established programs such as the Global Coffee Series, Global Education Week, and the International Food Festival.

Interested in becoming a mentee or mentor? Want to engage in conversations and mutually beneficial relationships? Please contact Caitlin Murphy '12 in the Center for Global Education at for additional details. Mentors and students will be assigned on a basis of interest, timing, and availability.

Mentorship Guidelines

For Mentees:

  • Meet 2–3 times per semester
  • Communicate interest and availability with mentor
  • Share cultural experiences as well as experiences at LVC thus far
  • Update the Center for Global Education about notable connections, celebrations, or any concerns

For Mentors:

  • Meet 2–3 times a semester
  • Invite your mentee for tea, luncheons, discussion, extracurricular activities, etc.
  • Share parts of your own international experiences, as well as American culture
  • Ask the student to share parts of their experiences, as well as their LVC experience
  • Notify the Center for Global Education of notable connections, celebrations, or any concerns
  • If interested in hosting international students in the future (during breaks), please indicate so.