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The Admission Guys Podcast

LVC admissions professionals, Cole Godfrey and EJ Smith, give you practical advice to help you navigate the college search process. The goal of this podcast is to help students, parents, or even high school counselors, learn about practical tips for making the college search process as smooth as possible.

Through practical tips and knowledge, Cole and EJ are focused on helping students become successful through a style of educating and entertaining.


#12- Q&A from the Award Winning Audience

Join Cole and EJ as they answer questions that were submitted from the listeners asking all about the college search process. 

#11- BONUS Episode: An Expression of Gratitude

Cole Godfrey and EJ Smith want to wish you, and your family, a wonderful Holiday season!

#10- The 12 Days of Christmas (Part 2)

Cole and EJ go through all of the tips that they wish they knew going into college, modeling the theme of the popular Christmas song “The 12 days of Christmas”. 

#9- The 12 Days of Christmas (Part 1)

Cole and EJ go through all of the tips that they wish they knew going into college, modeling the theme of the popular Christmas song “The 12 days of Christmas”. Of course, they can’t just give 12 tips… join the Admission Guys for Part 1, of this 2 part series, to hear about the suggestions they believe to be extremely beneficial during this winter/holiday break.

#8- Engaging with Colleges in a Pandemic

Lost and confused about how to engage with the colleges that you have applied to? Especially with the majority of things having to move to a virtual setting during this past year? Join Cole and EJ as they discuss ways to engage with the colleges that you’ve applied to, what options you have as a student, and what you can do as a student to find the right fit school for you.

#7- Parents: How to engage with your student's college choice

With a lot of the focus being on students, we decided to switch it up this week and focus on the parents! Joining Cole and EJ for this episode is Sue Jones (Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement) to discuss how parents can get involved with the college process, tips for selecting the right school, scholarships for legacies/alumni referrals, what parents can do to stay involved with their child’s institution that they attend, and many more things. 

#6- To test or not to test? That is the question.

College admissions have historically used standardized tests to decide which students will be admitted to a collegiate program. But things have certainly changed in 2020. Admission professionals Cole Godfrey & EJ Smith are here to discuss all of your questions, breakdown the SAT & ACT journey, and as always…EJ gives some thoughtful "dadvice" to end the show. 

#5- How to stand out with your College Essay

Whether you are looking to “wow” the college admissions committee, or just brush up on your writing skills, join Cole and EJ for this episode as they dive into some insightful information to be able to crush the college essay.

#4- Scholarships/Affording College continued w/ Kendra Feigert (Director of Financial Aid at LVC)

Are you confused and overwhelmed about the whole financial aid process? Not sure where to start or who to ask for help? Cole and EJ continue the talk about scholarships & affording college, as well as the financial aid process. They are joined by Kendra Feigert (Director of Financial Aid at Lebanon Valley College) to help answer some questions and offer advice, related to navigating the financial aid process. 

#3- Let's talk about Money: Scholarships & Affording College

In this episode, Cole and EJ discuss one of the biggest questions/concerns that get asked when attending college comes up……how do I pay for college?! The guys dive into explaining scholarships and financial aid, the differences between the two, grants, how you go about pursuing scholarships, and many more things. They offer tips and advice on what to do, and where you can find more FREE money online through different scholarship websites.

#2- Where to Start?

In this episode of the Admission Guys, Cole and EJ discuss the basic foundations of “where to begin” with the college search process. They provide helpful details on what approaches a student should take to find what school they want to look at, who they should be consulting with, how to go about visiting, and what questions should be asked while on the visit.

#1- The Admission Guys Introduction

Meet the Admission Guys hosts, Cole Godfrey and EJ Smith, as they give you practical advice to help you navigate the college search process. 

Smith and Godfrey Interviewed on ABC TV 27

E.J. Smith ’90, associate director of admission and recruitment, and Cole Godfrey ’17, M’19, assistant director of admission, were interviewed by Reporter Amy Kehm for WHTM ABC TV 27’s Good Day PA in November 2020. The duo discussed their podcast, “The Admission Guys: Helping You Navigate Your College Search Process.”